Binge thinking about the Vertical Year!

Like many people I enjoy listening to podcasts. From feats in the climbing world, technological developments, social issues and ancient history; I find them a great way to explore new topics or keep up to date with whats happening in the world around me.

Earlier this year I heard a friend of mine being interviewed about his journey.  He had recently transitioned from a successful career as an engineer at a world leading chemicals company to owning his own business. Something a lot of young people think about but few do. The discussion was powerful, insightful, intellectually stimulating and incredibly inspiring.  This was my first introduction to the podcast series - Binge Thinking, Expert Perspectives from Millennial Minds. 

A few months later I met the host of the show, Caspar Roxburgh at a house party in Brisbane. We talked about the Vertical Year, what I got out of climbing and my motivations for placing the project in the public arena. Thankfully Caspar was impressed with the concept and agreed to have me on the show as guest.

Obviously we talk about climbing. We also talk about mental health, environmental stewardship and other concerns facing our society. 

I hope the episode provides some further insight into how this whole project came to be. However I really hope that it, along with the other 21 (and counting!) amazing episodes in this series encourages people to have more open discussions about a wide variety of topics, open themselves to fresh perspectives and being challenged. We are all guilty of viewing things with our own conscious and sub-conscious bias (myself included) and challenging that is a great way of making progress. 

I was super stoked to be on the show. Since listening to that first episode I have become an avid fan and thoroughly enjoy the way the conversations go off on these sometimes weird and wonderful tangents. The process was definitely more intimidating that I thought it would be, and immediately afterwards I wasn't sure if I communicated the messages clearly. However, doing things that make you uncomfortable is something I encourage people to do - it is after all one of the key messages of the Vertical Year.  

So please have a listen and as always - reflect on the discussion in the context of your own life. Talk to your loved ones around you and challenge yourself to take those first steps towards the future you want to see.

Link to Binge Thinking Episode is here.