Macpac manufacture industry leading technical clothing and packs to enable you, #whateveryouradventure. I have been using their gear for years and their values of encouraging curiosity, leave no trace, challenge yourself and discovery align with this project. Therefore I am extremely proud to be using there gear throughout the Vertical Year. 


pinnacle sports

Pinnacle sports - providing gear, advice and professional training for adventures big and small. 

The team at Pinnacle's are more like a family than a business. I have been leveraging off their skills and knowledge for the last 10 years and they have never let me down. 



zen and the art of climbing

Zen and the Art of Climbing is a celebration of weekend warrior culture, a climbing blog for the everyman and everywoman. We jumped straight on board with Vertical Year as soon as we heard about it, keen to share Josh’s message that each of us is capable of dreaming big and doing bigger. Through our stories, we hope to pass on the inspiration and stoke that has taken us to the ends of the earth.

Awesome woody's

Starting from a humble beginnings and still handmade in his small Australian workshop; Awesome Woody's make in my opinion the best portable training tools on the market. Ross is an old school climber and a cabinet maker with more than 30 years experience. He seeks perfection in both climbing and his woodwork and this shines through in his products. His Cliff boards are the best travel companion any climber can have.