a year long climbing adventure and raising funds for two incredible charities.

The Vertical Year was born out of a climbing adventure incorporating three core values - discover, sustain and inspire. In addition to fulfilling a long term dream the project aims to raise more than $100,000 for two Australian charities working to conserve the outdoor environment and improve youth mental health.


The Vertical Year will visist some of the world's most iconic climbing destinations, attempting the classic and most inspiring routes in each area. From ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, summitting 6000m peaks in the Peruvian Andes, big wall rock climbing in the Sierra Nevada and alpine routes in New Zealand's Southern Alps; the project will cover a diverse range of climbing styles, environments and communities.

In all the project aims to:

  • Climb 33 seperate peaks
    • 15 between 3000m & 4000m
    • 3 between 4000m & 5000m
    • 7 between 5000m & 6000m
    • 8 greater than 6000m
  • Cover 34 vertical km's of technical terrain over 140 days


Adventure begins when we leave comfort behind and venture into the unknown. This point is different for each individual and is often associated with feelings of fear and anxiety. By embracing these feelings and seeking to understand them, adventure can lead to incredible personal insights, a greater understanding of the internal strength that lies within all of us and what it means to be human. This can help us live in a more meaningful way, leading to fulfilment, achievement and ultimately - happiness. This is at the core of the Vertical Year project.


The outdoor environment provides incredible learning opportunities for all and it is therefore up to all of us to conserve it for future generations. The Vertical Year project will be conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner with the mantra of "leave no trace" underpinning how the project operates.  The following initiatives will assist in minimising the projects environmental impact:

  • All electronic devices powered through solar power
  • Using 100% re-usable packaging for food, water & equipment
  • No food products used will contain unsustainably sourced palm oil

The Vertical Year aims to inspire thousands of people to pursue their passions, whatever that may be. Through showcasing the adventures of a regular weekend warrior, I hope to show it is not beyond any individual to dream big. Embracing your dreams takes courage and it is this courage I hope to provide.