From ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, 6000m peaks in the Andes, big wall rock climbing in the U.S.A or classic alpine routes in New Zealand - the Vertical Year covers a diverse range of climbing styles, environments and communities.

canadian ice

Where do you go for classic, world class ice climbing? The Canadian Rockies of course! From North Ghost, South Ghost, Yamnuska and Mt Athabasca, the Vertical Year will get amognst some of Canada's finest.

  • February 2018 - April 2018
  • Ice climbing and winter alpine climbing
  • Climbing areas visited
    • North & South Ghost
    • Mt Athabasca
    • Yamnuska
    • Loder Peak

6000m peaks

The highest range outside of the Himalaya - the Andes offers some incredible adventures. Due to the range being located in a tropical climate zone it tends to form difficult and unstable snow conditions on near vertical terrain. Add to this high altitude and you are left with unique challenges which have tested climbers throughout history.  

  • April 2018 - September 2018
  • High altitude mountaineering & big wall rock climbing
  • Areas visited and main objectives
    • Ishinca Valley
      • Traverse of Ishinca (5,530m)
      • Ranrapalca via North East face (6,162m)
      • Tocllaraju North ridge (6,032m)
    • Rio Santa Valley
      • Huascaran Norte & Sur (highest peaks in Peru - 6,655m)
      • Chopicalqui (6,354m)
    • Llanganuco Valley
      • Piramide de Garcilazo Norte (5,700m)
      • Pisco Oeste South Face (5,752m)
      • Artesonraju Sout East Face (6,025m)
      • La Esfinge (South America's classic big wall - 5,325m)
    • Santa Cruz Valley
      • Quitaraju North Face (6,040m)
      • Alpamayo via Ferrari Route (5,947m)

american big walls

The Sierra Nevada often gets overlooked for the more famous Yosemite Valley. However the area offers some of the best big wall rock climbs in North America with features such as 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'The Juggernaut' in a wild and remote setting.

  • October 2018 - November 2018
  • Sport & traditional rock climbing
  • Big wall rock climbing
  • Main objectives/peaks
    • The Incredible Hulk
    • The Juggernaut
    • Matterhorn Peak
    • Mt Barnard, Mt Russell & Mt Whitney (highest peak in continental U.S.)

classy new zealand

Although a tiny country, New Zealand has always been at the forefront of mountain sports. Of course, it was a New Zealander who first summited the world's highest peak. The country offers a range of quality alpine routes on peaks which may lack height, but make up for it in technical difficulties. Often remote, with long technical approaches, loose rock and some of the craziest weather hitting the west coast directly off the southern oceans from Antartica. The Grand Traverse of the country's highest peak, Aoraki/Mt Cook (3,724m) is still considered a coveted mountaineering prize.

  • November 2018 - December 2018
  • Summer alpine climbing
  • Areas visited and main objectives include:
    • Mt Aspiring National Park
      • Mt Aspiring via South West Ridge and/or South Face
      • Traverse of Mt Avalanche & Rob Roy
      • Pope's Nose via North East Ridge
    • Grand Plateu
      • Grand Traverse of Aoraki/Mt Cook
      • Mt Dixon
      • Silberhorn
      • Mt Tasman